The exhibition   stainless steel of Shanghai products the limited company
              The company machine equipments is as follows:
           A, the large number of five meters controls to open one V type slot, shearing the plank, folding the side:
            Two, the number controls the blunt bore, curved tube, roll the circle, wait the ion to incise:
                  Another manufacture management business:
            A, the manufacture machine cabinet, the market prop, kitchen complete set equipments:
            Two, manufacture the upscale market and guest house stairs arm-rests of various style,
                Wrap the side, wait each big engineering.
            Three, accept the stainless steel engineering and full-automatic respond an etc..... Is a large with produce the stainless steel ware, the clean factory premises that accepts the main manufacturing electronics factory of the business enterprise company that the stainless steel marks the product manufacturing not, makes the medicine factory...etc. produces to lend support to the equipments if deliver the cabinet and work dry box, tool cabinet, shelf, trolley...etc. of safe cabinet, nitrogen of 充 of set, super and clean work set, living creature; each kind of container and work, clip, molding tool etc. series; the company business involves the professions, such as electronics, living creature, chemical engineering, medicine and food...etc..
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